New-age water sports in Slovenia

It´s officially autumn so it should be cold, foggy and boring. But not just yet. Slovenian coast has sunny weather and friendly temperatures. And believe it or not. Yesterday people were having a bath while some of them were practising water sports. New-age water sports, as I call them, are new to slovenian water surfaces or at least new to me.

Let´s check them out:


1. Kitesurfing- is an extreme water sport where the kiteboard and a kite are combined for riding across the water. Ofcourse the kiteboard does not go anywhere when there is no wind. The best winds for kitesurfing are cross-shore and cross-on shore winds. Where did I see kitesurfers in Slovenia? Well just few steps from Lucija settlement and only few kilometres away from ˝Slovenian Cannes˝ - Portorož.
In case you did not know- in 2011 racing style of kitesurfing was announced as a sport for the Olympics in 2016 so the sport is getting more and more popular each year.

2. JetBoarding- is similar to windsurfing just that there is no wind needed as there is a flat motor installed under the board to propel it. It is quite fast as it can speed up to 70km/hour. I´ve seen those in Portorož too.

3. Stand up Paddleboarding (SUP)- is not a completely new-age invention as it was used through out the history, mostly on Hawaiian islands. The sport got re-discovered recently and is used among Slovenians too. You basically need a surfboard and a paddle which is used to propel the surfboard. For SUP no wind and waves are needed. In Slovenia you will find many lakes, rivers and coastal waters just perfect to practice SUP.


--> More about SUP on StandUpPaddling TV´s channel

4. Sea kayaking
- sea kayaking or sea touring is not a new invention at all as Inuit paddlers used kayaks for trans-atlantic journeys already before 1900´s. In fact the oldest preserved sea kayak dates back to 17th century. However sea kayaking is relatively new to Slovenian environment and now we can see groups of people kayaking from Koper to Izola and back.


Fancy to try any of the above sports?

Come to Slovenian coast and enjoy warm autumn weather!


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Let´s meet at Encuentros

From 27th of september till today the 4th Encuentros is being held at the University of Primorska - Faculty of Tourism studies - Turistica in Portorož, Slovenia. The aim of this year´s conference is to meet, exchange oppinions and compare survey results on responsible tourism. Encuentros is not like any other conference, it is based on interaction between the presenters and listeners who are not only academics, but also businessmen. The interaction between the host and the guest is typical for the tourism industry and makes it special.

But what does responsible tourism mean? According to several sources responsible tourism is a tourism that is respectful towards the nature, cultural heritage and local communities. As such, responsible tourism is sustainable. And sustainability is the future. The only future.

For example. When an individual is traveling in order to volounteer in the selected destination, to help build a local school, to teach, heal or provide financial support, we can say he is a responsible traveller and is behaving sustainable. Another responsible tourist selects an ecological accomodation rather than a luxury one, buys local food and locally produced souvenirs and is using a bike or local bus to get around the destination. Both contribute to the wellbeing of the local community in their own way.

What about corporate responsibility? Are the companies within the destination really responsible and sustainable? Well some of them are, but the majority is blissfully unaware that employing the cheaper work-labour from abroad is irresponsible towards the local community even if it means less costs and more profit for the company. On the other hand the managers that employ the locals yet increase the company´s debts by irresponsible behaviour and lack of business strategy are not considered sustainable as well.


Foto: Lana Švab (2012)


Some examples of good practice do have positive effects on economy and wellbeing of the local communities within destinations but to multiply those effects we have to connect the governments, strategic planners, stakeholders, NGO organizations and locals into a coherent whole by creating a clear vision. The destination´s image depends on the vision supported by a strategy that is followed by every particle of the chain.


If we want to add the word responsible to tourism industry we have to act responsible. Starting from ourselves and motivating somebody else.

Have a look at the 4th Encuentros program here! My paper was entitled Volounteering and tourism- the case of society Anbot from Piran.

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Train Trippin´

Trains are not considered the fastest means of transport and maybe not even the most comfortable, with the exceptions of luxury trains. But some people adore travelling by train. The natural landscapes, the city lights, the river banks and sunrise that unfold while we travel are priceless. As well as the opportunity to meet new people.


I had a trip by train the other day, traveling from Krško to Ljubljana and back. I admit I have chosen the train to save up the money for fuel and parking in the capital and even if I was quiet unpleased with the 2 hours-stopping-at-every-station-old-fashioned- trip at first, I suddenly started to enjoy the ride. It was 7 am and the nature was just about to wake up. The romantic mist was rising above the Sava river as lonely rain drops watered the window curtain that was separating the passengers of the train from the nature. The fishermen were already on their positions by the riverbanks, hoping to catch some fish either for lunch or just plain fun. Observing the grand scenery, I longed for a cup of warm tea...


˝Krško Valley˝, Lana Švab (2012)


Then suddenly the sky cleared up and somewhere close to Ljubljana, after one hour and a half of melancoly, the sun came out. What a sudden change! What a sudden flow of energy caused only by the change of weather. If I was traveling by car, I wouldn´t have notice that for sure.


Somewhere I read that the trip starts with the path and I could not agree more. That weekend my trip to Ljubljana and back was a part of the whole experience. It made me reflect my life, isolate from the outside world and come back to it. I could say train trippin´ is a purifying therapy. Do you agree?

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Mission: Pizza

Not that I am a huge pizza fan. If I had to choose between a pasta and pizza I would choose the first. But every now and then I gladly have a bite of pizza too. Which is my favourite? I like to keep it simple and healthy- fresh tomatoes and basil, a bit of mozzarela cheese and some olives. Just as the original pizza as we know today according to the story was like. I don´t like the classic ˝ham&cheese˝, but this is just my taste as the majority of you probably love it.

˝The ham&cheese pizza has many fans¨, Foto: Lana Švab (2012)


So the other day I was thinking where to dine, it was one of those days when you are too lazy to cook an egg. Perfect day to have some oldschool pizza. After doing some research which pizzeria is opened on Sunday evening, I decided to go for the renowned pizzeria Foculus right in the city center of Ljubljana. Even if the staff there used to be quiet unfriendly some years ago (yes- last time I had a pizza there was some years ago) this time I came across two friendly guys working there. As I entered. I could smell the perfume of freshly baked pizzas out of the bread oven. 

At Foculus they sell pizzas of two sizes, small and large, but trust me- you are safe if you order a small one. I actually could not finish mine even if it was just the way I like it. It was called Virgin pizza and was made with fresh tomatoes, basil, black olives and mozzarela cheese. The bread was crispy and not too thick, while fresh basil and olive oil gave a special aroma. The bill in the end? For two pizzas (large and small), two cokes and a glass of red wine for me (I always drink wine with pizza) the bill was 18€. Pretty decent, isn´t it?


˝The interior of pizzeria Foculus˝, Foto: Lana Švab (2012)

If you ask me what other places in Ljubljana I would recommend for having a pizza, I would say pizzeria Trta (close to center, by the river banks direction Prule) but they are closed Sundays.

In the Primorska region I would recommend pizzeria Rustika in Portorož as they make a very good pizza with bresaola or pizzeria Primavera in Izola and Koper.


In the Gorenjska region I had a pizza at Rustika at the lake Bled and in Štajerska region (Maribor) I tried a pizza in Pomodoro. Both of them were good, just that I prefer less on the pizza and thiner bread. But again- it depends on the taste.

To those who are familiar with Terme Čatež, I would recommend to visit pizzeria Racman in Brezina (app. 15 min drive away from the thermal spas) or pizzeria Fontana in Krško (app. 30 min drive away from the thermal spas).


So this is the complete list of the pizzerias i visited and more or less liked. What about you? Which is your favourite pizza place in Slovenia?

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Open-air cinema in Slovenia

Those who have already watched a movie in an open-air cinema would agree that having stars in attendance creates a romantic atmosphere. That is probably why the film festivals, such as International Dubai Film Festival are moving out from the 4-walls environment. Nevertheless the open-air cinema is not a recent invention as it dates back to 1916, soon after the Lumiere Brothers invented cinematography in 1895. For more information about open-air cinema facts click here.


If you are in Ljubljana till 18th of August, I suggest you to have a look at summer cinema at Ljubljana castle. The open-air cinema setup in Ljubljana is already traditional and screens the most acclaimed films of the past seasons. Movies like Le piel que habito by P. Almodóvar and To Rome with Love by W. Allen are a must see. If you like the movies that are hard to understand then go for Polanski´s Carnage.


The programme for this year´s Film under the stars:

26.07. The Artist (Hazanavicius)
27.07. Le piel que habito (Almodóvar)
28.07. Midnight in Paris (Allen)
29.07. A Dangerous Method (Cronenberg)
30.07. Izlet (Gazvoda)
31.07. Les hemmes du 6eme étage (Guay)
01.07. Shame (McQueen)
02.08. 2 Days in New York (Delphy)
03.08. Rango (Verbinski)
04.08. The Descendants (Payne)
05.08. Jodaeiye Nade raz Simin (Farhadi)
06.08 The Tree of Life (Malick)
07.08. Le Havre (Kaurismaki)
08.08. Take Shelter (Nichols)
09.08. To Rome with Love (Allen)
10.08. Melancholia (von Trier)
11.08. Carnage (Polanski)
12.08. Cesare deve morire (Taviani)
13.08. Gianni e le donne (Gregorio)
14.08. Moonrise Kingdom (Anderson)
15.08. Listy do M. (Okorn)
16.08. Cronenberg (Cosmopolis)
17.08. Potiche (Ozon)
18.08. Killer Joe (Friedkin)


˝The Ljubljana castle courtyard.˝, Foto: Lana Švab (2012)




  1. The movie projections start at 9.30 pm and finish depending on the duration of the movie.
  2. Entrance fee is 4-5€, depends on the movie.
  3. While using a cablecar (3€) that gets you to Ljubljana castle don´t forget to observe the night panorama of our capital.
  4. You can buy the tickets here or directly at the castle. I advice you to buy them at least 1 day in advance.


Have a wonderful open-air summer!





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